Xiaomi-pulsera inteligente Mi Band 8, accesorio deportivo con Pantalla AMOLED de 7 colores, Bluetooth 5,1, oxígeno en sangre, más de 150 modos deportivos, Versión china

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Black - Chinese version


** Tiempo de entrega de los paquetes: España generalmente se entrega en 1-3 días, y otros países generalmente se entregan en 3-10 días. Compruebe si el paquete se recibe dentro del plazo establecido. Si se excede el límite de tiempo, póngase en contacto con el Servicio de Atención al Cliente para verificar la ubicación del paquete.


Product parameters:


System languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English


Main net weight: approximately 27g, including wrist strap


Body size: 48 * 22.5 * 10.99 mm


Screen size and type: 1.62 inch AMOLED screen


Screen resolution: 192 * 490


Screen brightness: up to 600nit, supporting automatic brightness adjustment.


Cover plate material: 2.5D reinforced glass cover plate


Shell material: PC


Sensors: optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, six axis motion sensors


Waterproof grade: 5ATM


*Equivalent to a depth of 50 meters underwater. Supports wearing it during swimming in pools, shallow shoals, and other shallow water activities, but is not suitable for hot showers, saunas, and deep diving, and needs to avoid direct impact of high-speed water flow during water sports; The waterproof function is not permanently effective and may weaken over time. In order to fully utilize the bracelet, please try to avoid contact with water.


Wireless connection:


Bluetooth TMBLE 5.1


Vibration motor: rotor motor


Battery capacity: 190mAh


Battery type: lithium-ion polymer battery


Charging time: Supports fast charging, with a charging time of approximately 1 hour


Wrist strap adjustable length: 135-210mm


Wrist strap material: TPU

*The standard configuration is a black/off white TPU wristband, and other wristbands need to be purchased separately.


Product model: Standard version: M2239B1


Support system: Android 6.0 or iOs 12.0 and above


Support APP: Xiaomi Sports Health

Package list:

Bracelet body x1

Bracelet Wristband x 1

Dedicated charging cable x1

Instruction manual x1

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Fashion Freshman

*The standard configuration is a black/off white TPU wristband, and other wristbands need to be purchased separately.

Metal texture middle frame

Light gold and bright black dual color presentation


Diverse and fashionable wristbands

Infinite fashion inspiration


New Running Bean Mode

Instant professional running experience on the foot


Body Sensory Interactive Boxing

Master boxing rhythm anytime, anywhere


Multidimensional Health Management

Health Advisor on Wrist


Typical mode for 16 days

AOD mode for 6 days


Fun dial

Relaxing interaction on the wrist


Intelligent brightness adjustment

New ambient light sensor


Convenient Life

New Support

Smart and fashionable

Tactile perception

Flexibility and fluency in handling


The higher refresh rate brings an ultra smooth experience, and the operating feel and sliding appearance are eye-catching.


Stepless automatic brightness adjustment, accurately adapts to the ambient brightness, understands the screen brightness of your eyes, and can be obtained by raising your wrist.


1.62” AMOLED

60Hz Refresh rate

326 PPI

600 nit

*The Xiaomi Band 8 display screen adopts a runway, shaped design, and the runway is located within a standard rectangle. When measured according to a standard rectangle, the diagonal length of

the screen is 1.62 inches.

New quick disassembly design

Fashionable texture, comprehensive transformation


The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is upgraded with a brand new quick disassembly structure, which not only allows for easy replacement, but also breaks free from the surrounding “constraints”

of the wristband, achieving more “material freedom” of the wristband. The exquisite

body showcases a fashionable metallic texture, bringing for the first time two

new mid frame colors, “light gold” and “bright black”.

Diverse and fashionable wristbands

Revitalize and embrace ‘fashion freedom’


The brand new quick disassembly structure not only brings a fashionable texture, but also frees up more possibilities for wristband materials. The rich and exquisite fashion wristbands are endless, and even have a brand new necklace shape.


*The standard configuration is a black/off white TPU wristband, and other wristbands need to be purchased separately.

*The actual release time of the watch strap is subject to the official website.

Genuine leather wrist strap

Classic Versatile, Wear It With You


Made of high-end imported calf leather material, it is soft and comfortable with a superior texture. Featuring a carefully selected checkered green color scheme, fashion and literature are more classic and versatile, allowing you to easily navigate various occasions.

Double loop genuine leather wristband

Contrast color design, personalized surround


Want to be more personalized? A double loop genuine leather wristband will be your answer. Double circle wrapping adds more layering, with a black and white split design that is agile and distinctive. Whether it’s casual wear or personalized makeup, it can add a highlight to you.


*When the second strap is located below the body, it may affect the accuracy of functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and wrist release code.
Fashion hollow out bracelet

Leather and metal, co starring


The combination of genuine leather and metal makes the wristband the protagonist, while the metallic body becomes an embellishment of the fashionable bracelet. The unique hollow out design not only makes the bracelet lighter, breathable, and comfortable, but also brings an unprecedented unique temperament, transforming the bracelet into a fashionable accessory.


*Wearing a loose wrist strap may cause data deviation such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, etc

Woven wristband

This hot summer, a cool summer


Lightweight, breathable, and minimalist, woven wristbands will be the perfect choice for hot summers. Bright goose down yellow, understated olive green, whether you want to be bold or calm, all have a thoughtful choice. The high-end leather and rivet details complement your refreshing summer look.

Pendant pendant

Fashion Smart Small Pendant


The brand new quick disassembly structure gives the bracelet a brand new stage, pendant accessories, and exquisite and gorgeous necklace dial, transforming the bracelet into an “intelligent” decoration, while also providing time and step counting.


*It is necessary to activate the corresponding necklace mode in the bracelet or app. Once activated, health and exercise functions such as heart rate and blood oxygen measurement cannot be provided.


*Pendant accessories are retail accessories and need to be purchased separately.


*Due to the unique wearing method of the necklace, there may be deviations in the accuracy of step counting

TPU wristband

Sporty and energetic style


Made of skin friendly TPU material, it is soft, smooth, and waterproof, allowing you to exercise and sweat to your heart’s content, even when swimming; Colorful and energetic color schemes effortlessly match to create a vibrant and sporty look.


*The standard configuration is a black/off white TPU wristband, and other wristbands need to be purchased separately.100 fashionable dials in a unique style, not limited to any particular style


More than 200 new fashion dials, combined with exclusive breath screen display, provide you with a continuous stream of fashion inspiration. Various types of wristbands and pendant accessories, as well as a variety of official CP dials, can be found. Each combination highlights its temperament and unique style.


*Based on the optional dial in the Xiaomi Sports Health APP.Healthy and flexible

150+Sport Modes

Coincidentally with favoritismNew Running Bean Mode

When it comes to running, feet are more professional


New feature: Running Bean mode, providing you with a more professional running experience. It not only monitors regular running data, but also provides 13 professional data such as stride frequency, stride length, ground to air ratio, landing impact, and provides professional interpretation of various data.


We have specially designed exclusive accessories for this: running pods, which can easily attach the bracelet to the shoelace for professional training and ready to run.


*Running pods need to be purchased separately.


*When installing running accessories, the dial needs to be facing upwards, and wearing them incorrectly can affect data accuracy.

Switch to ‘Running Bean Mode’


Both the bracelet and mobile app can choose to enter the running bean mode.

Remove the wristband from the wristband, fit it into the running pod, and clip it onto the shoelace.


Real time viewing and adjustment


On the Xiaomi Sports Health App, you can initiate walking, running, and cycling activities. When running, you can view data such as stride frequency, stride length, landing impact force, landing method, etc., making it convenient to adjust your running posture in real-time.


Professional data, improving details


After running, you can view all professional data, as well as professional standards and interpretations of each data, in the app to help you make further improvements.

Body Sensory Interactive Boxing

Portable ‘body feel handle’


Xiaomi Band 8 is also a body feeling training device! Open the built-in Aidong fighting course on Xiaomi Sports Health APP, and boxing training will begin immediately! Following the pace of the course and playing with ease, one can master technical movements such as straight fist, swing fist, hook fist, step, and dodge. Whether it’s sitting down for a long time at work or lying on the sofa for a long time on weekends, you can enjoy exercising and practice anytime!Yuanqi value

To evaluate your current physical vitality status, based on your moderate to high intensity activities within 7 days, convert it into a vitality score. When your accumulated vitality reaches 100 within 7 days, you will reap significant health benefits.


Intelligent running mode

Running alone is too boring? Use the intelligent running mode to display the difference between your body position and the set pace in real-time. Don’t be lazy or you may fall behind!


Sports data projection

Indoor sports also have considerate upgrades. The real-time data on the bracelet can be directly projected onto the corner of the TV screen, making it easier to see the status whether it’s focused on practicing or watching TV while exercising.


*The sports data projection function only supports some Xiaomi TV models, please refer to the notes on the parameter page for details.


Wrist Running Course

Built in with 10 different intensity running courses, you can choose the difficulty level based on your own situation and exercise foundation. By recommending heart rate and speed, you can “supervise” yourself to meet training requirements, and one person can also run with a sense of training, ensuring good exercise results.


*Referring to the WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity and sedentary behavior, it is recommended that adults should engage in moderate intensity aerobic activity for at least 150 to 300 minutes per week; Or at least 75 to 150 minutes of intense aerobic activity; Alternatively, a combination of moderate and intense intensity activities can yield significant health benefits.

Multidimensional Health Management

Guarding Day and Night Online


Whole day heart rate monitoring

Support automatic monitoring and abnormal heart rate reminder


Scientific sleep monitoring

Support for viewing daily sleep status


Full day pressure monitoring

Support active reminders to relax under high stress levels


Whole day oxygen saturation monitoring

Support the shock warning when the oxygen saturation is too low


Women’s Health Management

Tracking physiological period records and prediction information on mobile phones


Respiratory training

Provide respiratory relaxation guidance to alleviate high-pressure conditions


*Blood oxygen: After activating continuous blood oxygen testing throughout the day, measure it every 10 minutes in a quiet state.


*Heart rate: If intelligent monitoring is enabled, the monitoring frequency will automatically increase to 1 minute after detecting activity.


*Sleep: In sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement monitoring requires high-precision sleep monitoring to be enabled in the app or bracelet. Sporadic naps less than 20 minutes may not be recorded.

Fun and clever

Little Egg: Fun dial

When bored, take a break


Small screen, don’t underestimate it. Choosing a fun dial when bored can also help you pass the tedious time.

Brand new fast charging, ultra long battery life

Accompanying your daily life with peace of mind


Fast charging upgrade, charging time only takes about 1 hour. The typical usage scenario can be extended to 16 days, and the AOD mode can also support up to 6 days, making daily use more reassuring.


16 days

Typical mode*


6 days

AOD mode*

5ATM waterproof *, waterproof with one hand


*Leather strap and woven strap are not suitable for use in water contact fields such as swimming or in sports scenes with high sweating. If there are such requirements, it is recommended to replace the strap or other types of strap.


*Not suitable for hot water showers. Wearing in hot springs, saunas, and high-speed water sports scenes.


Alarm settings


Weather View


Event reminder

*This product is not designed as a medical device, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All data and measurements are for personal reference only.


*The product images, models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interfaces, and other product information on this page are for reference only. The actual product effect may vary slightly, and Xiaomi may make improvements to the above content. Please refer to the actual product for specific information.


*The content and functions displayed on this page cannot guarantee permanent service and may be adjusted due to changes in copyright, business or technical conditions. If changes are not notified separately, please refer to the actual content and functions of the product.


*50 meter waterproof:


According to ISO 22810:2010 standard and tested by SGS organization, the waterproof grade report number of Xiaomi bracelet 8 standard version is GZPL221201181SC; Xiaomi bracelet 8 NFC version waterproof grade report number: GZPL221201181602SC. Waterproof grade 5ATM (equivalent to 50 meters underwater


Depth). Supports wearing it during swimming in pools, shallow shoals, and other shallow water activities, but is not suitable for hot showers, saunas, and deep diving, and needs to avoid direct impact of high-speed water flow during water sports; The waterproof function is not permanently effective and may weaken over time.


*Typical mode testing conditions for Xiaomi Band 8 Standard Edition: After fully charged, use the factory default settings, use a static dial, turn off high-precision sleep monitoring, sleep breathing quality monitoring, and all-day pressure detection. Enable 30 minutes/round of heart rate detection; Enable message notifications (100 messages per day, 10 incoming calls, 3 alarms); Raise your wrist and light up the screen 200 times a day; Start the app to synchronize data once a day; Manually measure blood oxygen twice a day; Turn on exercise records for 60 minutes per week.


*Xiaomi Band 8 Standard Edition AOD Mode Test Conditions: After fully charged, use the factory default settings, use a static dial, AOD breath screen display intelligent on, turn off high-precision sleep monitoring, sleep breathing quality monitoring, and all-day pressure detection. Enable 30 minutes/round of heart rate detection; Enable message notifications (100 messages per day, 10 incoming calls, 3 alarms); Start the app to synchronize data once a day; Manually measure blood oxygen twice a day; Turn on exercise records for 60 minutes per week.


*The battery life test data are all from Xiaomi Laboratory. In actual use, the battery life is related to various factors such as settings, operation, and usage environment, which may differ from the laboratory data.


*Some functions of the device (including but not limited to call reminders, notification reminders, etc.) require the app to maintain backend operation in order to take effect. For details, please refer to the prompts and guidance on the bracelet or within the app.

Purchase Notes


1. Delivery time for parcels: Spain is generally delivered within 1-3 days, and other countries are generally delivered within 3-10 days. Please check whether the package is received within the time limit. If the time limit is exceeded, please contact customer service to verify the location of the package.

Please note: The delivery channel is arranged by the platform’s official warehouse and cannot be changed by the seller. The logistics method includes door-to-door delivery or delivery to the express point, and then the buyer picks up the package. The time limit for self-pickup of the package is generally 10 days, and the package will be returned if it exceeds the time limit.


2. 15 days no reason to return: If the buyer does not want this product, the buyer needs to bear the shipping cost of the package return, and must ensure that our product packaging is intact and the product accessories are complete.


3. 2-year warranty: If there is any problem with your product, please contact customer service and send a video as soon as possible, and we will contact the technical staff to verify the problem.


If the product can be repaired, the seller bears the repair cost and shipping cost, but the buyer needs to pay the return shipping cost.


If it is verified that the product has a problem and cannot be repaired, it can be divided into the following situations:

Within 90 days from the date of purchase, we can resend the product or give a full refund;

Within 180 days from the date of purchase, the buyer pays the shipping fee, and we can resend the product;

Within 360 days from the date of purchase, we will refund 50% of the buyer’s purchase amount (excluding shipping costs);

Within 720 days from the date of purchase, we will refund 25% of the buyer’s purchase amount (excluding shipping costs).


Please note: If the product is damaged due to the Buyer’s unauthorized disassembly without the Seller’s permission, the Seller refuses to provide after-sales service, and the Buyer shall bear the consequences.


4. Upon receiving the package, to protect your interests, be sure to take a video when opening the package. If the item is missing or the appearance of the package is damaged, the buyer can provide evidence over time. We will not take any responsibility if there is no full unpacking video;


5. Scratch the surface

All Xiaomi products need to be tested before shipping, and it is normal for some scratches to appear.


6. Broken packing

Long distance international transport will damage and squeeze the package. If you find signs of unpacking, please don’t sign. The outer packaging is intact, but the extruded product in the retail packaging will be deformed, but it will not affect the use of the product, which is normal.


7. Packaging

We guarantee that the product is 100% original, but the manufacturer has the right to modify it, so the appearance and design of the package may be changed without prior notice and at the same time, we will not take any responsibility.


8. Installation

Buyers must have the ability to DIY, such as installing an operating system to avoid installation problems.


Note: Dear customer, we are currently unable to access the home area for zip codes 35, 38, 51, 52. Please note that we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Peso [g]


Longitud de la banda [mm]


Capacidad de la batería [mAh]

180-220 mAh

Versión compatible con Bluetooth

5.1 pulgadas

Posicionamiento Global


Métricas medidas

Monitor de ritmo cardíaco,Monitor de oxígeno en sangre,Monitor de sueño,Monitor de estrés

Actividad rastreada

Rastreador de pasos,Rastreador de actividad,Rastreador de calorías

Tamaño de la pantalla [mm]




Banda Desmontable


Forma de la pantalla




Grupo de edad del producto


Grado de impermeabilidad

Resistente al agua por toda la vida

Pantalla táctil



Todos compatibles




Podómetro,Rastreador de ejercicios,Monitor de sueño,Recordatorio de mensajes,Recordatorio de llamada,Mensaje emergente,Reloj despertador,Cronógrafo,Notificaciones de redes sociales,Oxígeno en la sangre,Cuenta regresiva,Monitor de ritmo cardíaco

Nombre de la marca






Support Languages

Chinese, English

28 valoraciones en Xiaomi-pulsera inteligente Mi Band 8, accesorio deportivo con Pantalla AMOLED de 7 colores, Bluetooth 5,1, oxígeno en sangre, más de 150 modos deportivos, Versión china

    12 junio 2024
    La versión es china,espero que se salga alguna actualización para que pueda poner el español
    12 junio 2024
    Si tienen algún problema con el artículo, el servicio de atención al cliente les hará perder el tiempo y no les resolverá el problema. Yo llevo una semana en comunicación con ellos y no solucionan mi problema. Espero que el producto les funcione, lamentablemente a mí no me funciona
    11 junio 2024
    Pulsera original, la batería dura bastante y es exacta en las medidas. El brillo automático funciona bien y se ve bien en el exterior. Todavía no está en español, se puede poner la pulsera en chino y el móvil en español o bien la pulsera y el móvil en inglés, por ahora.
    10 junio 2024
    Hubo un problema con el envio pero se solucionó muy rapido. El producto funciona de 10 lo llevo utilizando hace 4 dias, lo cargue al 100% y me ha bajado un 30% de bateria asi que calculo que me va a durar por lo menos una semana y media. Ya lo he utilizado en la playa nadando con ella puesta, y en el gim tambien todo bien y sin problemas; ademas tiene una funcion de despertador inteligente muy chula ... Muy contento con el producto.
    8 junio 2024
    Una pena no tener aun actualización en español
    8 junio 2024
    De momento bien. El idioma sólo está en xino y en inglés. Si tienes el idioma del móvil en castellano, la pulsera estará en xino. Tienes que poner siempre el móvil en inglés para que la pulsera esté en ingles. Por lo demás bien. Me gusta. Envío muy rápido.
    7 junio 2024
    Ha durado 10 días ... después de eso, ha empezado a dar un error que no para de salir y es súper molesto.
    6 junio 2024
    Tardo 2 días en llegar. todo perfecto
    4 junio 2024
    Exactamente lo que prometen
    4 junio 2024
    Muy contento, perdecta
    3 junio 2024
    Todo perfecto. Actualicé de Mi banda 5 a Mi banda 8. El envío fue rápido. Recomiendo este vendedor.
    2 junio 2024
    Como se describe. Versión china. Necesitas cambiar el idioma al móvil para emparejarlo. Es una pena que el producto está bien, perfecto y empresa de mensajería como DHL en España no está funcionando correctamente. Nunca intentaron dejar el paquete el primer día. Siempre decían que no estabas en casa cuando estabas allí. Incluso con sus afirmaciones hacen lo mismo. Por favor vendedor comprobarlo, porque DHL en asturiano como es así. Esa es la razón de 4 estrellas, en lugar de 5.
    2 junio 2024
    Todo correcto y acorde a la descripción. La entrega se retrasó 1 día.
    29 mayo 2024
    Todo bien muy rápido el envío
    29 mayo 2024
    Todo perfecto, envío bastante rápido.
    29 mayo 2024
    Verry rápido llegar en 3 días a España Madrid.
    29 mayo 2024
    Estoy encantada con ella , llegó en tres días, recomiendo vendedor,de momento no está en español ,pero seguro que será enseguida
    28 mayo 2024
    Pulsera Xaomi band 8 original. Recibida dos días antes de lo previsto. Todo bien
    27 mayo 2024
    Todo correcto, el envio rapido. pulsera original de la marca xiaomi. Pero no consigo enparejar con telf asi q no se que hacer ya. Esto no tiene secreto, me dice q el Qr no es valido.
    27 mayo 2024
    Muy bueen reloj espero que la actualizacion llegue a españa
    27 mayo 2024
    Bien y mal, bien porque me ha salido en 35 euros envío incluido, y recibida en 3 días, mal porque pensaba se podría poner en inglés y no es así, solo se puede si dejas TODO el móvil en inglés, así que la tengo en chino….y no tiene pinta la vayan a liberar al español. Por lo demás, más grande que ni anterior 7, las correas son nuevas, diferentes y el cargador también (este último engancha peor que el de los modelos anteriores). Veremos que tal la batería, de momento 20% en 3 días con todo desactivado menos las notificaciones.
    27 mayo 2024
    Funciona tal como prometido. Envio super rápido para Portugal.
    26 mayo 2024
    Al precio del 7. Sólo falta esperar las actualizaciones de idioma.
    25 mayo 2024
    Envío rápido, 3 días y en casa, perfecto Smart whatch, eso sí, es tan nuevo, que solo hay versión china y aún no hay actualización global, que trata castellano, saldrá pronto seguro
    25 mayo 2024
    Todo correcto. Muy rápido y en perfecto estado. Totalmente como estaba y al mejor precio hasta ahora. Gracias y un saludo.
    24 mayo 2024
    Todo perfecto! es hermosa!
    21 mayo 2024
    Recibido. es bonita. pasar de la mi banda 3 a la 8..nada mal.. y eso que estaba triste por qué se me callo la band 3 tenía más de 3 años con ella.. pero el salto es bueno.. tamaño.. color.. a ver qué tal rinde la batería. la 3 me duraba 21 días fácilmente chaval. sólo espero que llegue la pinche actualización en español. :)
    19 mayo 2024
    Todo correcto y perfecto
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